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Direct Rush Success Stories: 2015 Fashion week in NYC

Fashion week in NYC is one of the biggest events of the year in New York. One Friday in September of 2015, around 8:00 am, we get a call from one of our clients. For the sake of our relationship, I will refer to them as Exemplar Concierge. We work with Exemplar Concierge regularly throughout the year. Typically they request that we deliver the luggage of one of their high-end clients to some five star hotel in some remote location around the globe or go to a store in NYC and purchase a flowers for some B-List celebrity they are responsible for welcoming to the city. Needless to say, they are a fairly high-end concierge, they have offices around the globe, and we are very lucky to work with them.

So Friday morning we get the call from one of the managers at Exemplar Concierge informing us that fashion week is beginning shortly, we should expect a few calls because they have a deal worked out with Givenchy which, essentially, makes them the host responsible for the luxurious accommodations expected by Givenchy and the models, celebrities, designers, photographers, and other members of the Givenchy entourage during this most precious week.

Our responsibility in this mess, though vital, was minimal in comparison to the massive pressure and expectations placed on the shoulders of Exemplar Concierge. However, as I said, it was certainly vital, and as it turned out, allowed us to come face to face with a few of America’s biggest A-listers.

So, Monday, Fashion week begins, and immediately we know its not going to be the casual affair we were told to expect. One call turns to two calls, two to three and four, by the end of the day we had moved five dresses to eight different locations around NYC, from designers rooms, to photography suites, to runway locations and hotel rooms, in what is considered one of the most traffic and pedestrian heavy weeks of the year. Not only that, we brought nearly a dozen gift baskets to various celebrities, photographers, fashion executives, etc. at their hotels. All this time, Exemplar Concierge is understandably panicking about every little move. This is typical of our clientele for obvious reasons: everybody has precious cargo. We always do our best to keep the clients anxiety to a minimum while keeping them accurately informed and giving realistic expectations.

With day one successfully wrapped up it was on to day two and on through the rest of the week. By the end of the week, Direct Rush had hand-delivered around twenty-five Givenchy dresses and suits to suites and studios where they were received by, among others, Kim Kardashian, Russell Westbrook, Amar’e Stoudemire, and Christina Ricci.

We like to think, while unabashedly basking in our reflected glory that many more an A-list name received dresses hand-delivered by our very own. While our evidence is slim and our suspicion unproven, names of recipients included Moldova McGonagall, Burt Fish, and Art Gold. While these names are fabulous and we, like you, may wish their namesakes existed as described, we feel it is likely that Burt Fish may truly be a big fish, a big fish whose identity we will never know. Nonetheless Burt Fish, you’re welcome for your dress. Mrs. Julia Roberts, you looked stunning.

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