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Our concierge services are perfect for any delivery/errand/shopping job no matter how involved they may be. We can customize our service to fit your specific needs. We can go to stores and make purchases of anything you need, then deliver it anywhere in the world. We have no price limit on purchases.
Have you left behind your phone or laptop at the hotel, airport, restaurant? We can retrieve your item and rush deliver to you wherever you are in the world. Direct Rush concierge services - we take care of all the annoying logistics so you can relax.
Lost Luggage Retrieval
  • You’re on your way to Wimbledon and realize your luggage is somehow still back at the hotel in Paris. Want your suitcases to be waiting for you at your hotel when you arrive? What do you do? Give us a call and let us take care of it for you. Wherever you are, we will pick up your luggage safely and deliver it securely to your home or hotel.
Passport Retrieval
  •  It’s happened to the best (or at least busiest!) of us; just before departure to some fabulous place, you remember your passport is sitting in the hotel safe. Our couriers are fast, secure and reliable. Let us jump through hoops, so you can hula instead
Global Gift Delivery
  • For those of us who mean well, but just can’t keep track of things like birthdays.  It’s the thought that counts – so call us and we’ll manifest your thought into a gift with a bow on it, delivered right into the hands of your girlfriend/boss/assistant/client/husband/mother. And YOU get the credit!
Executive Errands​​​ and Personal Shopping
  • We are available to make any kind of purchase for you, from the latest Jimmy Choos to a coveted Birkin bag to your favorite Ralph Lauren socks. We can purchase and deliver cakes (and kegs!) for your party (we’ve even bought a ping pong table for a hotel party!) as well as presents!
Forgotten Laptop and Electronic Device Recovery
  • In today's on-the-go world people use all sorts of devices for important daily matters, especially while travelling. Sometimes we're in such a rush we leave one of these life saving devices behind. Whether its a laptop, iPad, smartphone, or personal drone we will recover your device and have it delivered to you immediately in what ever city, country or continent you are in. Our hands-on assistance will help you to relax knowing your laptop/phone/etc. aren't falling into the wrong hands.
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